2021 Winter Ultra Dates
#21 - December 12, 2020
#22 - January 23, 2021

Distance Categories
-50k / 31 miles = 4 loops
-37.5k / 23.25 miles = 3 loops
-25k / 15.5 miles = 2 loops
-12.5k / 7.75 miles = 1 loop

Signed up for a 50k but want to stop at 25k? That's fine. You can change distances mid-run and we'll record whatever you do run. Want to run at 10am instead of 8am? Well this year you get to do it whenever you want (yes, just like every other year).

Start Time
8:00 a.m. (whenever you'd like due to covid)

Time Limit
7 hours (finish by 3:00 p.m.)

Start Location
Pullman, WA.  Corner of SE Bishop and SE Pine St. and E Main St. (Next to Thomas Hammer). Note: for the 2021 PWU, you can start wherever you like.


There is parking available near the start off NE Kamiaken at the NE Palouse Street Parking (just past Porchlight)

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None.  Bring your own fuel, water, gear, etc.

None. There are a few street crossings and this course is not closed to traffic, so there is no incentive to disobey traffic laws and get yourself hurt just to win a ribbon.

1. Experienced runners only, please.  There will be no aid or medical support.  And conditions will likely be harsh...which is kinda the reason we're doing this!

2. Bring your own supplies/water/drop bags.  Parking is available close to the start area, so you'll have easy access to your car at the beginning of each loop.

3. Obey all traffic/pedestrian laws.  The route is on paved city jogging paths, but there will be a several street crossings and the course is NOT closed to traffic. Use extreme caution when crossing streets.  There will be no volunteers holding up traffic for us.  If there's a crosswalk at street crossing, please use it.

4. Dogs allowed.  Pullman has a leash law.

5. Please be considerate of other participants and the community.  

After Run Food/Beer
For everyone interested in post-run socializing and rehydrating. Sadly, we can't do this part this year.