Course Info
The course is a 7.75 mile (12.5k) loop on a paved jogging/bike path around Pullman.  50k = 4 loops.

In case of snow:
The city usually does a good job plowing the path when it snows, but there will be no guarantee on race day.  The path could be clear, icy, slushy, or covered with several inches of snow - please prepare accordingly.  This is a fun run; please keep in mind you are running at your own risk.

Traffic Disclaimer
VERY IMPORTANT: There will be at least seven points where crossing a road is necessary.  The course is NOT closed to traffic.  There will be NO volunteers stopping traffic for runners.  Use extreme caution and obey all traffic laws when crossing streets.

Course Maps

Here's a map of the 7.75 mile loop course.

Here's an interactive map of the course.

Course Profile (1 Loop):

50k Course Profile (4 loops):

(repeat the above four times)